Kid's Kampus
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How It All Began....

We are Denise Pannier and Jackie Dudas. Both friends and business partners, we're goal oriented career women. Jackie, a master's degree graduate in early childhood education, is proud mother of Stephen and Shaina. Denise, also with a degree in early childhood education, is proud mother of Dylan and Madisyn. We both have experience teaching preschoolers, and Denise was co-owner and director of Wee Care Children's Center in Tomah, WI.

Beginning our own families, we too were faced with having to make the same decisions so many career-oriented moms need to make...do we continue in our careers which we worked so diligently to be educated for? Could we realistically afford to stay home and live on our husbands' income? Would we feel secure leaving our children in the hands of a stranger?

The Result

One day we began to discuss the issue and, in March of 1998 decided to open Kids Kampus. For us, the answer to the quality vs. cost question was rather simple. . . we're not the big corporate conglomerates out to become wealthy. We merely wanted to develop a program where we would feel safe placing our own children. In turn, you as parents can feel comfortable that your child is being cared for by early childhood professionals in a stimulating environment.

We may not be as inexpensive as some chain centers or home-care settings, but we're certainly not as expensive as other day cares in corporate settings (i.e., compare infant rates to as much as $1,500/month). We pay our teachers above market standards, and provide them with benefits to ensure long-term employer/employee relationships. This is crucial to the stability and happiness of your children, as they will grow to develop a tremendous fondness toward their childcare provider.
Elementary school teacher and her pupils — learning center in Naperville IL
At all times, we strive to have classrooms staffed above the state-required child to teacher ratios. We have a complete open-door policy, and invite you to spend your breaks/lunch time with your children. We even provide a quiet space for breast-feeding moms and their babies.

We pledge to you our never-ending devotion to the safety, security, and happiness of your children. Won't you please join us as we continue our journey? This center is a dream come true for us, and we would love to share our enthusiasm with you and your children. At Kids Kampus, we provide childcare you can trust.
To learn more about our program call 630-577-0046 or visit our center in Naperville, IL.