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Child Care and Learning Programs

At Kids Kampus, children from 6 Weeks to 15 months are cared for in an environment that feels like home. We provide a safe, loving, nuturing atmosphere full of activities that encourage your baby to interact, explore and discover. Our staff is dedicated to meeting all of your baby's needs from feeding and changing, to napping and playing.

There is music through tapes/CD's, and singing of nursery rhymes. Talking to, listening to, and responding to your baby's sounds and repeating them help arouse language awareness. Warm social interactions are kept playful and sensitive to your child's level of tolerance. An array of equipment such as infant climbing mats, excersaucers, and
walking toys are provided to develop coordination. At the same time, materials and opportunities are available to practice reaching and grasping. Daily activity sheets keep you informed of your child's eating, sleeping, playing and diapering patterns.
Our toddler and two-year-old programs are developed to entice the curiosity of fifteen month to two- year-olds while providing a loving and caring environment that will allow them to grow into autonomous preschoolers. We understand that children in this age range have unique ways of dealing with separation, so we take individual time with your child to help ease his/her anxieties.

During the course of the day, we provide your child with activities designed to build his/her developmental skills and relationships with friends. Through the use of stories and music, your child will be encouraged to participate in circle-time activities.

Supervised free-play helps your child to develop the understanding and importance of sharing and taking turns. There is a quiet play corner for dolls, books and puzzles, areas to build, climb and jump, and height appropriate tables and chairs for eating and working.
Three years of age marks the beginning of the "preschool years". From a scheduling standpoint, activities for children from 3 to 5 years old are very much the same. Developmentally, however, there are distinct differences that require individualized attention

Being sensitive to these needs, we created two separate classrooms: one for preschoolers, ages 3 to 4, and one for pre-kindergartners, ages 4 to 5. Throughout the course of the day, your child will take part in small and large group activities which integrate art, math, science, music and language in their curriculum. There will also be time for a variety of self-selected activities including learning centers for books, puzzles, blocks, and dramatic play.

Classrooms are arranged to accommodate individual interests, and the environment is stimulating yet orderly. Above all, it is our goal to prepare your child for success in kindergarten and beyond. At Kids Kampus, your child will develop a confidence in his/her ability to create, discover, explore, experiment, and realize a love for learning.
Kids Kampus offers Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten Enrichment, as well as Before and After School Programs. Our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment Programs are for children ages five and six. This environment promotes a positive climate for learning and fosters a cohesive group, while at the same time, meets the children's individual needs. Our curriculum addresses math, science, language arts, social studies and reading, as well as physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Our School Age Programs are available for children ages seven to thirteen years, and includes transportation to and from local public schools. A variety of materials including computers are made available, allowing time for self-selection and large group activities.
We even have a designated quiet area for those who need to complete homework, and a teacher available to assist your child with this task. On days off school and during summer camp, our main focus is FUN as field trops galore fill our calendar.
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